Stop adding Harsh Store Bought Pool Chemicals and Corrosive Salt to Your Pool Water and Experience the Best Pool Water Possible.  

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A Solution for Salt Water Pool Problems

Our Revolutionary Pool Water Management System is cutting edge. Imagine never buying, handling, or swimming in dangerous commercial chlorine ever again. Imagine full spectrum protection at a fraction of the operational cost of a Salt Water Pool. In fact, imagine all the benefits of a Saltwater Pool System without the problems, pitfalls, hidden expenses, and potential dangers.

Our Salt Water Chlorinator System is different. In fact our system can manufacture 5 important pool chemicals to manage your pool. Imagine a simple, effective, economical way to manage your pool chemistry, lower your pool maintenance cost, provide safe pure chlorine for pools with our automatic chlorinator technology. 

-That’s the Chlorine Genie Advantage-

Salt Chlorine Gnerator

The Ultimate Pool Solution

Manufactures chlorine without pouring salt into your pool

Adjusts pH levels without purchasing soda ash or pool acid

Can run independently from your filtering system saving electrical costs

25%-33% return on your investment per year in total pool care savings

Provides crystal-clear pool water that is sanitized for about $25 a year

Easy maintenance: clean the chlorine generator cell with a simple turn of knob


Patented Pool Chlorinator Technology has more than 40 years of research and development behind it. Materials and Construction are Backed by our Ironclad 5 Year Warranty

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Stop dumping hundreds of pounds of corrosive salt in a salt water pool. Manage PH by flipping a switch. Eliminate salt water cell build up with the simple push of a button

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Stop buying sanitizing pool chemicals. Reduce hours of filtering and prohibitive electrical costs. Eliminate skin irritation, red eyes, faded fabrics and funny colored hair. Efficient, Economical, Easy to Use

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Why Buy Chlorine?

Make Your Own – Our high-output salt chlorinator generates only the purest pool chlorine, sanitizing your entire swimming pool, eliminating the danger, hassle and expense of harsh impure pool chemicals

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Revolutionary Technology

The Chlorine Genie Salt Chlorinator System is a breakthrough in pool equipment technology. The result is a product that doesn’t look or perform like any pool equipment that has ever come before it.

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Trouble Free Pool Systems

The Genie is so advanced you’ll experience trouble free autopilot style pool maintenance, and the most luxurious, clean and beautiful pool water imaginable.

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Economical Operation

Save up to 50% on pool electrical equipment costs, save money on pool chemicals, spend more time enjoying your swimming pool rather than maintaining it.

Our Clients

Commercial and Residential Spas, Fountains and Water Features, Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools, Test Tanks, Cooling Towers, Former Salt Water Pool Owners, Etc.

Distributor Opportunities

Get in on this ground floor opportunity to profit with our patented Chlorine Generator Green Technology guaranteed to make waves in the pool equipment industry for years to come.

This unique patented pool product is raising the standard in pool water maintenance. Give your customers the most comfortable, crystal clear, clean, sparkling water 365 days a year. Offer an environmentally friendly product and an economical, simple to use, solution for pool water managment.

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Dan Tucker
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Dave Schlueter
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