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Chlorine Generators are common with modern pool systems like “salt water pool” systems. Chlorine generators sanitize pool water by breaking chemical bonds of common salt molecules and freeing the chloride portion of the molecule which can then create chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool water.

Saltwater swimming pools are popular these days because they eliminate the need to purchase, transport, store, and handle dangerous chlorine products. Many people enjoy the feel of salt water pools as they can leave skin feeling softer, smoother, and less like a chemical bath.

Chlorine generators will do all the work of handling, storing, and managing chlorine for your pools sanitation needs. The automatic generator continuously produces chlorine for your pool making it easier to maintain proper sanitation. Big cycles of over or under sanitation common with most standard chlorination methods can be effectively eliminated with the constant sanitation provided from these automatic systems. The chlorine generator will easily keep your pool free of pathogens and algae.


Salt in The Pool?

Most of these “salt water systems” need salt in the pool water in sufficient concentrations to run make chlorine from saltproperly. The problem is, salt in the swimming pool water is one of the biggest drawbacks to salt chlorination systems. Not all chlorine generators need salt in the pool water to run efficiently. In fact, there are huge advantages to getting the salt out of the pool. See “Salt Water Pool Problems” to learn more about the pitfalls, problems, hidden expenses, and potential dangers of salt in the pool systems.


The Chlorine Genie is Different

Systems like The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System employ salt chlorine generators that isolate the water and salt in separate “brine units.” These separate stand-alone chlorinators isolate salt and softened filtered water for the chlorine generation process and eliminate most of the problems associated with salt in the pool systems.



All chlorine generators employ the process of electrolysis to separate salt and create pool sanitizing chemicals. The Chlorine Genie has modeled the same process used by large chemical manufacturing companies to generate chlorine. First, brine water is passed through the salt cell, which in turn produces chlorine for sanitation. This chlorine is transformed into “hypochlorous acid”, the main cleaning compound in commercial chlorine. A real benefit to this salt generated chlorine is that it does not contain all the other ingredients (stabilizers, conditioners, etc. up to 90%) that most store bought chlorine sources contain. This makes for a far nicer and less irritating swimming experience. The water is clear, luxurious, doesn’t reek of chemicals, and it is non-irritating.


Stop Handling ChlorineChlorine Generator

Salt water chlorinators like the Genie and salt in the pool systems save pool owners from fussing with the chlorine themselves. However, these machines still require maintenance and proper pool water chemistry to operate correctly.


Salt Cell Operation

The main consideration is to keep the generator’s cell free of calcium and other mineral deposits. These deposits can quickly build up on electrode surfaces effecting operation and lifespan of this expensive component. This is the main reason why the Genie filters and softens the water first and never runs pool water with all its minerals, by-products, additives, etc. through the salt cell. The salt cell in a chlorine generator has an anode and cathode made from different precious metals. These surfaces must be kept clean for electrolysis to work properly.


Salt Cell Cleaning

There are salt in the pool units available that employ “reverse polarity” electrical current to clean the units electrodes but these systems suffer several problems. The units reverse the electrical process alternating delivery to the anode and cathode portions of the cell, causing mineral deposits and flakes to fall off the electrodes. These deposits may be filtered out, but others can be deposited on the pool bottom. This can be unsightly especially in dark bottom pools.


Chlorinator Cell Reliability

Manufacturers of reverse polarity units may claim that these units effectively clean themselves and are the best solution out there. The fact is that anodes do not like to be run as cathodes any more than cathodes like to be run as anodes. It ends up affecting the lifespan and reliability of the cell overall. The Chlorine Genie use automatic acid washing of the cell eliminating the problems with reverse polarity systems and the need to remove and clean the cell that other salt water pool systems employ.

Chlorine Generator Benefits

Chlorine generators can make a huge difference in how much maintenance time the pool owner needs to spend on their pool, and can significantly improve pool water comfort, feel, and sanitation. There are many different models of salt water systems available with different features. There are also revolutionary systems like The Chlorine Genie that can manufacture and take care of up to 5 important pool water chemicals for you. If you are considering a chlorine generator for your pool, make sure that you do your homework first and invest in the proper system that’s right for you and your pool.

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