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The Economical Pool Solution

Welcome back…

To another exciting Chlorine Genie Pool Presentation. After our last video, it should be Crystal Clear…

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

Salt Water Pools are no match for the power of The Chlorine Genie System. The two technologies though similar really shouldn’t be compared. Never the less, people have, people do, and people will continue to compare them.


People ask us...

In fact, many people ask us why we consider The Chlorine Genie an economical solution compared to less expensive Salt Water Pool Systems. Yes, it’s true, The Genie is a premium pool product for luxury pool water protection, and unsurpassed water quality. The Genie is also a bit more expensive than a top-quality Salt Water Pool System, but that is far from the end of the story…


Today’s Video is about to…

Break it down for you, clear the waters, and reveal what many have missed…


  • A look at True Operational Costs


  • A look at True Operational Savings


  • A look at the Value Equation




…is the basis for today’s Video, and no one should walk away from today’s presentation without a clear picture of the savings, and cost-effectiveness of The Chlorine Genie System.


If cost-effectiveness is important to you, if you are looking to save money on your pool expenses, and you desire the finest in pool water sanitation and luxury, you simply can’t afford to miss today’s Video. So, hold on to your swimwear, and we will see you on the inside for another revealing look at The Best Pool Water of Your Life.


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Thanks once again,

Dan Tucker and Everyone here at Chlorine Genie Inc.



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