Economical Pool Care - Green Technology


“Not only is this pool system economical, it’s good for the environment, and it’s easy to use.”


Manufactures Chlorine from Ordinary Salt and Water!


Makes Chlorine from Salt and Water

The Chlorine Genie actually manufactures chlorinated water from just salt and water making it not only the right solution but also the  Economical “Green Solution” for having a Blue Pool.

The Most Economical way to get Chlorine into your Pool

Chemistry: the Chlorine Genie makes chlorine using the same basic method that most large commercial manufacturers make chlorine;  from a salt solution. 

Using a low voltage current, the Chlorine Genie separates the sodium and chloride ions to produce chlorine.

This chlorine is then mixed with the water to form chlorinated water which is then immediately dispensed to the pool.

Since the chlorine does not have to be stored nor transported, no additional stabilizers or inert ingredients need to be added. This saves you money and keeps the irritating “junk” out of your pool water.


Pool Chemical Cost Savings

With the Chlorine Genie your cost for pool chemicals will be almost nothing.  You will have the cost of a bag of salt about every 2 to 4 months ($5.00)  That is a cost of about $2.00 per month for chemicals ($24.00 per year). That is significant pool care savings for pool owners.

We usually find that our Chlorine Genie customers can maintain the pH of their pool with the pH valve on the unit and do not have to buy chemicals to maintain pH. This provides even more savings when it comes to operating your pool.


Commercial Installations Savings

An option for large pools is the addition of an ionizer which produces copper and silver ions thus decreasing the consumption of chlorine and adding the benefit of killing organisms resistant to chlorine such as Polio and Legionnaires.

 Studies show that disinfection by copper and silver ions in combination with low levels of chlorine (up to 80% less than normally used) is an effective and superior alternative to conventional treatment of swimming pool water. The savings afforded for operating commercial pools is quite significant.


Save Money on Pool Electrical, Filtering, and Wear and Tear Costs

With the Chlorine Genie, we find that most of our customers can cut their filtering time about 25 to 30% or more, because since the pool is well chlorinated all the time, it just doesn’t take as much filtering to keep the pool sparkling and safe.

Since the unit is designed to operate independent from your filtering equipment, you can practically turn your filter off during the winter months.  Some people only run their filter about 30 minutes a day in the winter just enough to stir things up and vacuum the pool occasionally.  The pool water stays blue and beautiful.

Installing the unit independently instead of through the filtering system can allow the homeowner to save up to 50% on pool electrical costs (not counting heating).

Good for the Environment

Save the environment! The patented CHLORINE GENIE unit produces chlorine from salt put in the unit, not in the pool, which eliminates many problems including the problem created by a ban on salt-water-pools as seen in LA county. (See also Assembly bill AB2270 and


The Economical Solution for Your Pool

The Chlorine Genie pool system has many advantages over other products and methods of pool sanitation in today’s market. Learn more about the Genie today, and see why it is the perfect solution for perfect pool water and economical pool care.

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