Marin County Pool Care

If you are a Marin County pool owner and you intend to save money, and time while still maintaining your home swimming pool and enjoying healthy, clean, luxurious water you will have some considerations to mull over making the right pool care decisions.


Professional Pool Servicespool maintenance

One option you always have is to hire a professional pool service to care for your pool. This has advantages and disadvantages. Of course for the best care, you have to hire the best service providers. Hiring a pool maintenance company can help you monitor the water so that it remains healthy and clean for swimming year-round. However, because pool service is rather infrequent, your pool chemistry and sanitation are often less than optimal. Periods of over-sanitation and under-sanitation is typical. Also, the pool sanitizing chemicals being applied to your pool can also be an irritant and give you anything but a comfortable swim. Anyone who has been in an over-chlorinated hotel pool has experienced the burning eyes, sometimes breathing difficulty and other symptoms associated with a heavily dosed pool. Regular pool maintenance can be expensive especially for the kind of care required to keep your pool water optimal during the peak swimming season.

Do it Yourself Pool Care

Marin County pool chlorinatorYou can still do some of the maintenance tasks yourself, of course, testing your pool, running to the chemical isle, purchasing, transporting, administering, and storing hazardous pool chemicals, and many follow this path to avoid the costs of professional pool care. But it is largely still less than optimal to provide the trouble-free, economical, and simple pool care you desire.

At Chlorine Genie we have been helping pool owners simplify and improve their pool care routine for more than 40 years. We are your Northern California pool company experts serving the entire Bay Area and Marin County pools. See our Marin County Pools and Northern CA service areas.

At Chlorine Genie Inc. we manufacture, service, and install pool water management systems that take the headache, trouble, hassle, and expense out of professional pool care. Our patented Pool Water Management System can do many of the duties required to care for your pool year-round. You don’t have to deal with expensive hazardous pool chemical hassles or the spikes and holes in your chlorine coverage that many pools experience throughout the season. In fact, you will experience the best pool water year-round for pennies on the dollar.

What to do During the Swim Season

Pool Water Maintenance

In this season, your pool’s water should be clean enough to see a coin clearly on the pool’s bottom. In fact, you should be able to tell whether its heads or tails. The water shouldn’t be cloudy, and it should not have measurable bacteria or organic matter present. There should be no heavy chemical odor, and you should experience no irritation of skin or eyes when swimming.

Swimming pool water is always evaporating and in the process, chemical changes occur. Keeping on top of those chemical changes is a part of keeping your pool water optimal. Another change occurs after you have added water to raise the water level so that it meets skimmers for filtering. This can cause havoc with some pool systems including salt water pools. In fact, the chemical and mineral elements of the pool water itself are what largely contributes to the failure and expensive replacement of the chlorine generator salt cell. Salt water pool systems have many benefits, but they also may suffer many drawbacks. The Chlorine Genie System takes advantage of salt water pool benefits while avoiding the pitfalls, hidden expenses, and potential dangers of salt in the pool systems. It will provide you savings in pool chemical costs and give you amazing water quality.

pH Maintenancepool ph test

Consistently monitoring your pool’s pH level is important as it helps you keep up with important chemical changes affecting your pool. Moreover, maintaining the right PH in your swimming pool helps in preventing things such as stinging eyes and ineffective pool sanitation. Some systems suffer greatly from Ph problems, and there seems to be a constant battle keeping things balanced and in check. The Genie System has taken this issue into consideration and has simple solutions to keep your pool balanced and optimal for comfort and protection at all times. See the Genie advantages today.

Testing the Pool Water

Testing the water at least once in a week is important whether you are doing it yourself or paying to have it done. To do this is simple and should become a matter of habit. Your pools ph test kit typically includes color-coded strips to dip in the pool’s water and simple to follow instructions. The other type of testing kit will require you to fill a vial with the pool water and then add a few liquid reagent drops or tablets. This reagent will color the water. You will compare the color of the water to that on the container. The two methods will provide you with a reading indicating the level of PH, alkalinity or sanitizer the water requires so that it can remain at a healthy level.

There are a few rules you have to observe when testing your swimming pool’s water. First, you have to purchase a new kit each and every season. The filter should run for around half an hour before you start testing. Avoid testing the water in areas closer to the skimmer or on corners where water isn’t fully filtered. Collect the water vial or dip the strip around 1 foot or more below the surface. Never pour the test material into the pool, and you should always store it in a dry place. Store them out of direct sunlight since it can alter the testing agents. If you cannot do the testing properly, consider hiring a person to do the job as it is critical for maintaining a healthy Marin County pool.

The Chlorine GenieChlorine Genie Inc. Martinez CA 94553

The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System can simplify your pool routine and provide you with years of simple, economical, safe pool care. You won’t be buying, storing, or administering dangerous sanitizing chemicals or swimming in them. You will not experience a shortage in safety or sanitation coverage. In fact, the Genie System can produce and manage up to 5 important pool chemicals. There is nothing else like the Genie when it comes to clean, safe, luxurious pool water. Get the Genie Advantage today. We service and install the Genie Systems throughout Northern California, the Bay Area, and Marin County Pools.

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