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The Chlorine Genie Pool System puts the Fun Back into Owning Your Pool

  • Safe Pool Water 365 days a year
  • Water always Crystal Clear
  • Eliminates the liability of handling, transporting, and storing hazardous sanitizing pool chemicals
  • Controls pH 
  • Pool Water Feels Softer and more Comfortable
  • No Fabrics Ruined from pool chlorine
  • Extends the life of your Pool and Equipment
  • Reduces skin irritation. No more RED EYES OR GREEN HAIR
  • Maintain higher Pool Chlorine content without irritation from commercial chlorine.
  • For larger bodies of water commercial units produce Chlorine and Copper/Silver Ions
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Environmentally Friendly “Green” Technology

The Pool Care Blues

Let’s face it swimming pool maintenance, management, and care can be the least fun aspect of owning your pool.Residential Pool System Some people handle the task themselves, buying, transporting, storing, testing, and administering pool chemicals, balancing pH, cleaning, and tending to the tasks and duties required from whatever pool system they are employing to safely sanitize their pools.


Some Hire it out

Others hire it out and employ costly pool service professionals to handle the tasks for them. Either way, oftentimes the big drawbacks to owning a pool becomes the upkeep, expense, and care of your pool sanitation system.


Some Systems are More User Friendly

Some swimming pool systems are undoubtedly more user-friendly and safe than others. Some are costlier to operate, and some don’t really deliver well on the promises made by the representatives trying to sell them.


Some of Today’s Popular Pool Systems



The age old popular standard. Chlorine has historically pool system by Chlorine Geniebeen the popular and widely employed chemical for swimming pool sanitization.


Salt Chlorine Generators:

This includes the popular “Salt Water Pool” Salt chlorinators use electrolysis to separate sodium and chloride from salt and water forming hypochlorous acid (a sanitizing chemical).



Similar to chlorine in its action and application Bromine is another popular pool sanitation method.



Ozone is an unstable, inorganic gas that is used as another water sanitation method.



Ionizers release ions of copper and hard metals into swimming pool water. Basically, Their anti-biological properties work to kill bacteria and prevent them from multiplying.


The Chlorine Genie System is Different


Meet The Genie

The Chlorine Genie Advanced Technology Pool System is a little differentChlorine Genie Logo
than other pool care methods popular in today’s market. In fact, the Genie takes the best that modern pool care methods have to offer and leaves the drawbacks behind.

Pool Water Breakthrough

The Chlorine Genie Pool Water System is a breakthrough in pool water management. It is a simple to use, economical, safe method for the best swim of your life. Use our website to do a little research and see why the Chlorine Genie sets a whole new standard for pool water maintenance.

Ditch The Pool-Water Blues

Don’t let your pool routine and the expense of your pool water maintenance bring you the pool care blues. Get the Genie Advantage…Put the fun back into owning your pool today with a Chlorine Genie Pool System. See the advantages of our Trouble Free Pool System.