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Salt Water Pools vs The Chlorine Genie


Welcome Back,

Usually, after the initial video we send out, we get flooded with questions about our system, how can it do all

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

we say it does, and how could we have packed all that into one simple stand-alone unit?


Questions About The Genie

People usually do a little research on their own, have some facts, and questions they want to be answered about Salt Water Pools, Salt Water Chlorination, and how The Genie stacks up against Salt Water Pools?


Let me make this clear right now…

The Chlorine Genie is not a Salt in The Pool System!


The Genie is Different

In fact, Salt Water Pools are really no comparison to The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System, and today’s video will begin to tackle those concerns head-on and prove our point. Click here if you prefer a PowerPoint Presentation.


In Today’s Short Video Learn…


  • How The Genie Stacks up Against Salt Water Pools


  • How The Genie Differs Significantly from Salt Water Pool Systems


  • How The Genie provides Salt Water Pool Benefits without Salt Water Pool Problems



Stay Tuned

Hold onto your swimsuits, cuz we’re about to blow the water out of the pool when it comes to Salt Water Pool Systems vs The Chlorine Genie. You’ll never see Salt Water Pools the same way again after today’s video.

In fact, you’ll begin to know what discriminating pool owners already know… Salt Water Pools are really no comparison to The Power of The Genie.


Ready for The Best?

When you’re ready for the best, nothing but The Chlorine Genie will do.


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We’re Looking Forward to Hearing from you

Daniel M Tucker and everyone here at Chlorine Genie Inc.



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