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Welcome back…

To another exciting Chlorine Genie Presentation. By now I’m sure you are beginning to see the huge advantages of The Genie…

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

How it provides Salt Water Pool Benefits without Salt Water Pool Problems, and how it provides an Economical Solution for Perfect Pool Care.


Cost Effective

Our last video covered cost-effectiveness, and if you still have questions about what it costs to operate a Genie Pool System, or how it can pay for itself in a few short years, don’t hesitate to call us at the office 925-723-0400. We will be happy to discuss your specific questions and installation with you.


Simple Pool Care

Today we are going to go over another amazing benefit, one that I’m sure you are all looking forward to, and that is How to Simplify Your Pool Care Routine, so you spend more of your time enjoying your pool rather than fretting, fussing, and worrying about it.


No Hassles

People want to know about “The Genie No Hassle Solution” to enjoying the best pool water of your life. After all, you own your pool for leisure time enjoyment, not to add another project to your chore list, right? And today’s video is going to give you just that… the solution you’ve been searching for (simplified pool care).


Stay tuned…

Watch today’s Video or PowerPoint, and be sure you don’t miss the next segment (coming your way) that will bring it all together, clearly defining The Chlorine Genie Advantage, and give you the biggest reason to trust you pool care to The Genie.


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Let’s Get You Set Up… to Simplify Your Pool Care, Save You Money, and give you the Finest Luxury Pool Water The Chlorine Genie Way.


Thanks again,

From Dan Tucker and all of us here at Chlorine Genie Inc.

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