Dan Tucker

In The Beginning

In 1964, I was hired by Chloromatic Inc. to start their marketing program in Northern California. I had just returned from Australia after two years as a successful Mormon Missionary so going door to door contacting pool owners with a new pool equipment product was easy.

At that time, the Chloromatic unit was an inline salt-water chlorine generator. It was fun introducing pool owners to new concept of pool sanitation .The most disappointing aspects of the job was that the company was under-financed and the unit didn’t work very well.

The electronic salt chlorinator cell kept clogging with mineral deposits and would stop working. While working onChlorine Generator these units, the challenge of perfecting the concept of electronic water sanitation became part of my DNA! I was convinced that some day every pool owner would want to use this type of method.

Trial and Error

During the next 30 years, I had the privilege of working with several companies as we tried to develop a reliable salt-water chlorine generator. In every case, we kept coming back to the same problems, namely:

  1. Dumping a lot of salt in the swimming pool was a bad idea.
  2. When sodium chloride is separated electronically, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are also separated electronically which creates a big problem. The sodium will stay in a solution but the calcium and magnesium deposit on the electrodes, which eventually clogs, and destroys the cell.
  3. With this process, the pH of the pool water would always go to the alkaline side increasing the demand for acid in the pool for pH control.
  4. It was necessary to run the filter pump for long hours to make enough chlorine.

There Had to be a Solution

Note: I am a hands on person. As a result, after personally running thousands of service calls on salt water pool systems, I felt there just had to be a better way to build a trouble free unit.

A New Technology is Born

Even though I am labeled as the inventor, the process of developing a reliable chlorine generator has been more of an evolutionary process. Looking back over the years now, the things I did to solve the problems seem to be quite simple, but it has taken years of research and testing, installing and running thousands of service calls on salt water pool systems of every kind, and a lot of blood sweat and tears to perfect The ULTIMATE CHLORINE GENIE UNIT.
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