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“Best money I have ever spent on the pool.”

I have been a customer of Chlorine Genie for 2 years and I am extremely satisfied with this system.  I have a 13,000 gallon pool. I had a Gold Line Aqua Rite system that required me to dump salt into the pool. I did not like the taste or the way the salt felt on my skin. I also, had to replace the cell twice in 4 years on the Gold Line chlorine system.  I found out the hard way how bad salt can be for equipment, as I had to replace my pool pump, due to parts being corroded after only 4 years.


I searched long and hard to find a better way. Then I came across the Chlorine Genie on the internet.  I did some research and decided to give it a try.  After calculating what I was currently spending on chemicals not even taking into account the time I spent driving back and forth to the store, I realized this was long overdue.  It seems every time you go into those pool stores they want to talk you into buying more chemicals to balance the levels in your pool.  It was beginning to feel like an addiction. Well I decided to kick the habit.


I invested in the Chlorine Genie and have never been happier.  Not only does it maintain my chlorine level, it saves me money on acid for adjusting PH. The only thing I do now is to test the water once every couple of weeks, to ensure the pool water is stable. Only time I have had to make any minor adjustments (open or close 1 valve, and set timer) is when weather changes from hot summer to cooler winter.


My water has never looked better, it is so crystal clear.  Maintenance has never been easier, simply put 1 bag of $5 salt into tank once every 3-6 months.


Thanks Chlorine Genie Team for saving me money and time. I would recommend this product to anyone who would like to simplify the pool owning/maintaining experience!  Best money I have every spent on the pool.


Great product!


Cliff K.

"Best money I have every spent on the pool."