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“The Cost Savings Paid for the Machine”

Dear Dan,

As you know you came to our home over 20 years ago and demonstrated how your machine (the Chlorine Factory) could benefit our 26,000 gallon pool. Although it was a large expense, we bought it.

Now, about 25 years later, we upgraded to the Genie. Like the looks and panel better than the old model. Over the years we have never had to consider pool service, since unlike our neighbors, our chlorine levels stay stable even when we are away. It is so easy to adjust for water temperature changes throughout the seasons, plus the pH control is a snap. On top of all of this are the facts that we don’t have to buy or store chlorine, our chlorine is a better quality and we think the cost savings paid for the first machine over the years.

You are not aware that we also put solar panels on the line to heat our pool. To begin with it was to extend our swim season, but quickly got used to raise the average temperature to 90-92 degrees all season long, to an arthritis therapy level. The Chlorine Factory, when on for about 1 1/2 hours, had no problem keeping the chlorine at a level of 1 and the Genie is right on target. A group of friends who came twice a week for about 20 years always remarked how their bathing suits didn’t fade or lose their shape. They didn’t know my chlorine was not what is found in public pools.

We have recommended your product to many people telling them it is a better, safe and reliable way to keep their pool sanitary. Their reluctance has been the upfront cost.  We feel fortunate that we could do it, it has been worth every penny in convenience and peace of mind.

If you ever need us for a reference, we would be more than willing to share our positive experience.

Warm Regards, Bud and Judy Wisecarver

"Cost Savings Paid for the Machine."