Trouble Free Pool Systems


Saves time and money – no more buying or adding sanitizing chemicals by hand, running to the store for chlorine or paying for expensive pool service to maintain your pool water.


Just a few of the Genie Trouble Free Pool Benefits:

  • You don’t have to dump hundreds of pounds of salt into your pool.
  •   You don’t have to run the filter to make and dispense chlorine to your pool.
  • You don’t have to add acid or soda ash for pH control.
  • don’t have to use pool water in the unit so the cell stays clean far longer.
  • You plug the GENIE into a GFI outlet and it uses only about 100 watts of power.



The Genie is Not a Salt Water Pool System

The Chlorine Genie is NOT a salt water pool system.” The Chlorine Genie is far more advanced, because you do NOT add any salt to your pool water.

·         It operates completely independently from your pool filter. It makes chlorine inside the unit and dispenses the chlorinated liquid (and pH balancers) into your pool water.

·         It is literally a miniature chlorine factory.

·         Additionally, the Chlorine Genie allows you to “shock” your pool and keep the pH perfectly balanced.

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-No other system on the market can do what the Chlorine Genie does-

  •  You can acid clean the cell by pushing a button on the unit making maintenance easy.
  • You can control pool water pH by adjusting a valve on the unit.
  • You can drop the chemical cost of an average pool to about $10.00 to $15.00 per year.
  • You can save electrical costs and wear and tear by significantly reducing filtering time.
  • You can have better daily sanitation for your pool and enjoy an unbelievably comfortable swim.
  • You can rest easy with a five year iron-clad warranty knowing you are covered.

The Downside of “salt water systems”…

·         Salt water pool systems require you to add 300 to 700 lbs of salt directly into your pool water. As the newly “salted water” runs through your pool equipment, chlorine is made by a salt water cell inside your pool’s piping.

·         What they do not tell you about these primitive systems is that you must run your pool equipment for extended hours in order to produce enough chlorine. That is bad because it will increase your monthly electric bill.

·         The addition of salt to the pool water will raise the total alkalinity of your pool water by approximately 2000 ppm which can have a bad effect on the surface of your pool, also the salt and extra run time will also shorten the lifespan of your equipment.


More Salt Water Pool Problems:

1.       Another problem with primitive salt-water pool systems is that adding salt to your pool water incurs all kinds of negative side effects. It makes your water more corrosive to pool equipment, can cause unsightly mineral lines on tiles, and can lead to mineral deposits in your heater and filter equipment.

2.       But the worst part is that these units create by-products that will continuously upset pH levels of your pool water. That means that you will have to constantly monitor and adjust your pool’s pH levels manually by adding acid weekly or even daily.


The Chlorine Genie Solution

The Chlorine Genie does NOT pollute your pool with excessive by-products because it uses our unique and patented technology to eliminate these types of problems.

Pennies per day Operation

For just pennies per day, the Chlorine Genie operates independently from your pool equipment. Furthermore, because it produces high quality chlorine on-site and dispenses it daily, the Chlorine Genie actually allows you to run your pool equipment for LESS time, which LOWERS your electric bill and greatly extends the life of your pool equipment.

You will save money month after month after month for years!

Trouble Free Security

The Chlorine Genie is proudly “Made in the USA” using the finest materials and workmanship, and is designed to provide 15 to 20 years of trouble-free operation. There is simply nothing like it. It is the result of over 30 years of development, testing, and refinement, and is protected by patent law.

Residential and Large Commercial Solutions

The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator is designed to provide effective chlorination for residential and public swimming pools of all sizes. And now, you can join thousands of happy pool owners throughout the United States who already own a Chlorine Genie and are enjoying crystal clear, safe swimming pool water all year round, without having to purchase or handle poisonous chlorine or pool acid.

Ditch your pool maintenance problems and come on over to a trouble free pool system with the Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System.

 -The Chlorine Genie is the Ultimate Solution-

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