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Now that you’ve seen how simple Genie Pool Care can be, and that it provides an economical solution…

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator

Especially when compared to other top systems on the market, that it is simple to install, easy to operate, and provides what no other product does from a single standalone unit, we thought you might like to hear what others have to say about The Chlorine Genie Advantage.


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Genie Owners tell us about Improved Water Quality, Reliability, Ease of Use, Economy, and the other benefits of Genie Ownership.


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Spokespeople than Chlorine Genie Owners to sum things up about our breakthrough products. So, in today’s Video or PowerPoint Presentation, you’ll hear some of the experiences of Genie Pool Owners from Social Media, Reviews, Testimonials, etc.


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Firsthand independent dialog from the front lines of Chlorine Genie Ownership that provide you a crystal-clear view into the luxury pool water experience.


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Today’s episode where we let social media and our customers do the talking for us.


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