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CORONA VIRUS SALE! $400 discount!

5 Year Limited Warranty!

Stop adding Harsh Store-Bought Pool Chemicals and Corrosive Salt to Your Pool Water and Experience the Best Pool Water Possible.  

The most efficient pool water Chlorinator on the market!

A Solution for Salt Water Pool Problems

Our Revolutionary Pool Water Management System is cutting edge. Imagine never buying, handling, or swimming in dangerous commercial chlorine ever again. Imagine full-spectrum protection at a fraction of the operational cost of a Salt Water Pool. Imagine all the benefits of a Saltwater Pool System without the problems, pitfalls, hidden expenses, and potential dangers.

Our Salt Water Chlorinator System is different. Our system can manufacture 5 important pool chemicals to manage your pool. Imagine a simple, effective, economical way to manage your pool chemistry, lower your pool maintenance cost, provide safe pure chlorine for pools with our automatic chlorinator technology. 

Works great for Fountains, Jacuzzi's, Hot-Tub's, Pools from 30 Gallons to 30,000 Gallons.

All orders are shipped out within 14 days of the order. Average shipping times within the contiguous United States of America.

We offer free shipping to the nearest freight hub. This protects all our customer's purchases to keep the product safe, and not be vulnerable on your front porch.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For Commercial Pools, or Pools Larger than 30,000 Gallons please call us at +1 (925) 723 0400

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