Hazards & Poisons

Why Expose Yourself, Your Family, and Friends?
The Chlorine Genie Automatic Pool Chlorinator Technology eliminates this liability and gives you many more benefits.

-Salt Water Pools-

  1. 300 – 600 lbs. of salt are poured into the pool. (Bad)
  2. Filter must run to generate and dispense chlorine to the pool.(Bad)
  3. Extra acid is required to lower pH because sodium hydroxide (an alkaline by-product) is created and dispensed into the pool.(Bad)
  4. Minerals attach to inline salt chlorinator cells and they must be removed and cleaned regularly.(Bad)
  5. The Inline salt water cell usually needs to be replaced every 3-5 years at a significant cost.(Bad)
  6. Some units reverse polarity of the salt water cell attempting to self clean the electrodes. This actually reduces the life of the electrodes.(Bad)
  7. Splashing salt water damages plants, landscapes, leaves a salt deposit on everything and can be corrosive.(Bad)
  8. Spa gets over-chlorinated when heating.(Bad)
  9. Salt water pool systems harm the environment and are therefore not even legal in many locations.(Bad)

-Chlorine Genie Pools-

  1. Salt is added to the unit not the pool water.(Good)
  2. Residential Unit can run Independently from the filtering system: large Electrical savings.(Good)
  3. pH valve allows user to maintain pH without adding acid or soda ash to the pool water.(Good)
  4. Less maintenance: Cells are long lasting and easily cleaned by pushing a button.(Good)
  5. Softened household water, not hard pool water, is used in the Genie for cleaner cells which extends cell life.(Good)
  6. Reverse Osmosis system removes water hardness before it enters the brine tank and the chlorine cell.(Good)
  7. Spa is not over-chlorinated when heating.(Good)
  8. Putting the salt into the unit instead of the pool makes the Genie free from salt-water pool regulations. The unit is environmentally friendly.(Good)
  9. Commercial Genie Units can produce copper/silver ions and reduce the chlorine demand up to 80% for a large savings.(Good)

-The Liability Alone Should be Enough to Convince You to Change-


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