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Famous From Martinez

Famous people from Martinez is the subject of this post. Have you ever wanted to explore a little more about a place you live or a place you’ve often visited? For many of us, there is a story right under our noses that many people fail to realize. Martinez, California is no different. Today we take a look at a few of the famous people who were born or lived in our city.


Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard plays the role of Sonny Corinthos Famous Martinez Personon the ABC daytime soap opera series General Hospital.  He joined the cast in August 1993. He has been nominated for an Emmy Award in 1996, 1997, 2004, 2006 and 2011, and received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2003 for his portrayal of romantic mobster Michael “Sonny” Corinthos.


He has also played a role on the ABC drama All My Children as Nico Kelly. He has also performed the lead in the TV movie, Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter.


Maurice has also been a big support and voice for people suffering from bipolar disorder. A fellow sufferer himself he has spoken out about the issue and has been very candid about his own battle with the illness. He has appeared on numerous television programs in support of those suffering and to bring awareness to the issues people suffering from the illness face.



Joe DiMaggio Famous Martinez, CA. ResidentJoe DiMaggio

New York Yankee’s baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio is our next local legend. Joe was born into a local Martinez fishing family in a two-room dock-side house (destroyed by fire in 1948) and raised in the city in a house that can still be visited in the city’s historic area today.


Joe’s baseball fame is legendary. He was the greatest all-around baseball player of his era. Joe DiMaggio won three MVP awards during his career and holds the baseball record for hitting safely in 56 consecutive games in 1941. He was named the “Greatest Living Player” in 1969 celebrating baseball’s 100th anniversary.


He played for the New York Yankees from 1936-1951. Even during his brief hiatus during the war (military service, 1943-1945) he was considered so valuable to American morale he was not stationed in a location that would likely lead to America losing one of its favorite sons.


He was Inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1955, after playing in 10 World Series, of which Joe and the Yankees won nine. Joe DiMaggio was considered to be a flawless outfielder and the major factor that led to the Yankee’s winning.


His number 5 was eventually retired by the New York Yankees.



Gene Romero (Burrito)Famous from Martinez CA Gene Romero

Gene Romero is one of America’s Greatest Motorcycle Racers. Gene was born in Martinez on May 22, 1947. Nicknamed Burrito, Gene raced on the dirt track and scrambles of the Central Valley of California and raced the AMA Grand National circuit during the late 1960s and early ’70s. You can see quite a bit of Gene and the early days of motorcycle racing in the 1971 documentary “On Any Sunday.”


In those days motorcycle racing included Flat Track (mile/half mile/short track) Road Racing, and TT’s. Gene is also known for winning the 1970 AMA Most Popular Rider of the Year Award. Romero eventually won 12 AMA nationals during 16-years of competitive racing. He is also known as one of the pioneering riders who brought outside sponsorship into the sport.


Indeed, this is just a small sampling of tidbits gleaned from Martinez history. We hope you enjoyed it. We’d like to think you will find us a historical addition to the list someday.


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