Napa County Pool Maintenance and Care

 Napa County Pools

A swimming pool can make a huge difference in your home Napa County. To keep the water of your swimming pool sparkling clean, you will require the proper pool sanitation systems and a few maintenance steps.


Proper Circulation in Your Swimming Pool


The pump is usually the center of circulation in a swimming pool. The pump moves the water from the pool and then sends it back via the filter dirt, dust, and debris removal before sending it back to the swimming pool. When deciding on how long your swimming pools pump should run, you will have to consider some factors such as the swimmer load, the pool size, the piping size and what type of pool sanitation system you are employing.


For instance, those pools employing standard salt water pool generators for sanitizing the pool water will require more filtering and pump time. This is because salt water pool systems need salt mixed in the pools water to be continually pumped through the salt chlorinator cell during the chlorine producing cycle. This leads to increased energy consumption and wear and tear on pumps, filters, etc. It is not a money saving feature of salt in the pool systems.


The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management Systemchlorinator


The Chlorine Genie system is different. Though the Genie Pool System does employ a salt chlorinator cell to generate chlorine, that cell is housed separately in its stand-alone system which requires no corrosive salt to be added to the swimming pool, and no lengthy pumping and filtering times to generate chlorine. In fact, the patented Genie Pool System was designed to take advantage of all the salt water pool benefits while defeating all the problems associated with salt water pool systems.


 Pumping and Filtering Time


A professional will determine the time depending on your particular pool, for the crucial pumping time to keep your pool clean and clear. If the pump isn’t running then the water from the swimming pool isn’t filtered or circulated properly and will lead to significant problems.


The filtration of your swimming pool


The purpose of the filtration system is to remove undisclosed dirt and any debris from the swimming pool’s water. While the lint basket and the skimmer basket in the pump play a significant role in filtration of your pool water, the filter element itself is the primary component of the filtration system. Filters require maintenance and care. Mostly, filters will require backwashing if the pressure gauge has risen between 8 and 10 psi. To understand the pump and skimmer basket’s role in keeping the pool clean, consult a pool professional or give us a call at the office and learn the benefits of The Chlorine Genie System. Discover how you can enjoy the most comfortable and clean pool water, simply, efficiently, and at significant savings over store bought sanitizing chemicals and pool services.



Common filter types in Napa County swimming poolsChlorine Genie Inc. Martinez CA 94553


There are three types of filters employed in Napa County swimming pools. They include:

–          Sand filters

The system removes dirt from a sand filter by reversing the water flow or through backwashing. The filter has to be backwashed after the pressure gauge has indicated 7-10 lbs increase over the normal operating pressure.


–          Cartridge filters

When the pressure gauge has reported an increase of 7-10 lbs over the normal operating pressure, removing the dirt is necessary. At this point, you have to remove all cartridges from the filter and the hose off any loose debris and dirt. Soak the element in filter cleaner for around 12 hours.


–          Diatomaceous earth filters

Just like in sand filters, this filter is cleaned by backwashing the filter after the pressure has increased 7-10 lbs.


 Just a Few Pool Care Tips

These are just a few tips to keep your Napa County pool running smoothly. At Chlorine Genie Inc. we have been serving Northern California pools for more than 40 years now. We have been in the pool business and have seen it all. We are your Napa County Pool Experts with more than 40 patents over the years in the development of pool equipment and pool systems designed to give you the finest in pool water comfort, safety, and clarity. We serve Napa County pool owners. See our list of Napa County Cites and Nor-Cal locations served.


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