Chlorine Genie Pool System Products

GenieOnly500pxPool Systems developed by Chlorine Genie, offer pool water management solutions that give you the ultimate in pool water sanitation, comfort, economy, and ease of use.


Patented Technology Makes the Genie Different

The Genie’s patented technology is wrapped into a unit that manufactures 5 important pool chemicals. These products include pure Pool Chlorine, Pool Algaecide, and Pool pH control products.


The Chlorine Genie is a Full Spectrum Pool Care Solution

The Genie allows you to make your own chlorine without dumping salt in your pool, and allows you to adjust pH without using commercial pool chemicals. Making your pool chemistry simple, efficient, economical, and easy to maintain.

The Genie Pool System is not a “Salt Water Pool

The Genie is different from other salt water chlorinator units and systems.

With our system no salt needs to be added to the pool. You will not be running pumps and filters for long hours like most salt water pool systems, adding additional wear and tear on your equipment, and your pocketbook.


The Genie System is Cost Efficientgreen-thumbs-up

The Genie is simple, efficient, and will pay for itself in pool care, chemical, and electrical savings.

The Genie Eliminates swimming in salty water, dumping costly“junk chemicals” in your pool, and spinning the power meter endlessly.  You will enjoy the safest, cleanest, most luxurious water ever.

Isn’t it time to enjoy your pool more and fret over it less?


Our Salt Water Cell is Different

The Genie’s salt chlorinator cell is housed in its own brine tank and submerged in its own concentrated salt solution. This makes the generation of pure chlorine far more efficient. With our pool system – pumps and filters don’t need to be run continuously, cells last longer, and chlorine output is more efficient.

Cleaning the salt water cell is simple and easy to accomplish. The cell does not need to be removed from the system or pool plumbing to accomplish this. With a turn of a dial the cell can be automatically acid washed and cleaned, avoiding costly service calls, and plumbing headaches.


Our Pool Water Safety System is Uniquechlorinator distributors

Our automatic pool chlorinator system goes a step further insuring you the ultimate in safe, clean, comfortable water.

Our Commercial Pool Water Management System, enhanced with copper silver ionization, gives you superior full spectrum protection from algae, and chlorine resistant biological pathogens. It’s all part of the Chlorine Genie Advantage.


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