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Welcome to The Chlorine Genie Advantage

Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator


Chlorine Genie LogoFrom everyone here at Chlorine Genie Inc., we’d like to welcome you, to our series of informational presentations that will explain The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System to you in detail.

Today we want to share this bit of exciting pool industry news with you that can Revolutionize Your Pool Care Routine, Save You Time, Effort, Money, and provide you with The Best Pool Water you’ve ever experienced.


There is Nothing Else

On the market that does what The Chlorine Genie does. The Genie is leaps and bounds ahead of the next closest pool technology on the market. In fact, with The Genie on your side, you will enjoy an “Unfair Advantage.” 


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Short introductory Video or PowerPoint Presentation.  Once you have, you will quickly begin to realize what discriminating pool owners already know – There’s no other advantage like The Genie Advantage when it comes Trouble Free, Economical, Reliable Pool Care that allows you to spend time enjoying your pool rather than fussing over it.


Crack the Curtain…

Today’s short Video cracks the curtain and begins to reveal the Masterpiece Pool you’ve always dreamed about. I can’t wait for you to see the whole picture, dip your toe in it, and break waves across the still, pristine surface of it all.


Reveal in Process

We look forward to revealing the whole picture to you shortly, answering all your questions, and hearing about all your new adventures with the Best Pool Water of Your Life.


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Dan Tucker and all the folks here at Chlorine Genie Inc.



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