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CORONA VIRUS SALE! $400 discount!

5 Year Warranty

Stop adding Harsh Store-Bought Pool Chemicals and Corrosive Salt to Your Pool Water and Experience the Best Pool Water Possible.  

The most efficient pool water Chlorinator on the market!

A Solution for Salt Water Pool Problems

Our Revolutionary Pool Water Management System is cutting edge. Imagine never buying, handling, or swimming in dangerous commercial chlorine ever again. Imagine full-spectrum protection at a fraction of the operational cost of a Salt Water Pool. Imagine all the benefits of a Saltwater Pool System without the problems, pitfalls, hidden expenses, and potential dangers.

Our Salt Water Chlorinator System is different. Our system can manufacture 5 important pool chemicals to manage your pool. Imagine a simple, effective, economical way to manage your pool chemistry, lower your pool maintenance cost, provide safe pure chlorine for pools with our automatic chlorinator technology. 

Works great for Fountains, Jacuzzi's, Hot-Tub's, Pools from 30 Gallons to 30,000 Gallons.

For Commercial Pools, or Pools Larger than 30,000 Gallons please call us at +1 (925) 723 0400

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